Legal & Privacy

Legal considerations including contract terms, questions to ask supplies, partners in the US. Privacy questions, difference between firms vs. in-house, and law school advice


Online community building, social media content strategy

Product Design

Branding, package design, product copy across different categories

Graphic Design

Design, video and content editing


Branding, package design, personal portfolio, product ideas etc. across various categories

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy, CRM, Search, SEO, social media, product, lifecycle, etc.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing, campaign strategy and planning


Career development and mentorship


Online sales, acquisition, user experience, loyalty programs


Free online coaching sessions, or more info about becoming a wellness coach


Involvement in the entertainment industry, fashion and wardrobe styling, etc.


Tech entrepreneurship, startup fundraising, mentorship, pitch decks, etc.

Product Management

Product ideas, development and program management


Marketing analytics, segmentation, testing, etc.


Quantitative and qualitative survey development and analysis

Business Finance

Support on Budgeting, forecasting, invoicing, payments, Microsoft Excel

Personal Finance

Support on personal banking, money management


Merchandise line plans, financial strategy, cost engineering, retail planning

Public Speaking

Support on improving your public speaking skills


Access to photographers or videographers for questions, tips, advice, or editing questions

Resume writing/Interview prep

Help with your resume, cover letters or prep an upcoming interview

Event Planning

Details and guidance on efficient event planning

Math & Science tutoring

Tutoring for those who aspire to get involved in science and biotech

Real Estate

Real estate agents available to learn more about the field or building a business as an independent contractor