At this current moment in history, we are witnessing a fight for black rights across the board, and we can’t just stop there.

Do More Collective [noun]: a matchmaking service that aims to connect black and minority brands and individuals with skilled, experienced folks who want to lend a professional hand (for free)


At this current moment in history, we are seeing a fight for black rights that is making waves at every level, and we can’t just stop there.

Small brands and businesses alongside individual creators and professionals make our world a better place to live in. These are the people who bring our communities alive and are dedicated to making them thrive. There are small brands who are incredible and undiscovered just like there are professionals who are truly built for leadership but are fighting to make a path for themselves.

There is a glaring need to uplift and amplify the voices of people of color (POC), across the board. There’s also a huge number of us who are dying to do more in the fight for social equality and justice.

How it works

If you are someone looking for resources, fill out the form below and tell us what your needs are. This can be anything! Do you need help writing your resume or cover letter? Are you looking to fine tune your social media content calendar? Looking for a photographer? Need help creating a site? Not sure how to review a legal contract? This can be ANYTHING.

If you are a resource, fill out the form and please let us know where your skills lie, how much time you feel comfortable contributing (i.e. 1-2 hours a week/month) and what you can help with. For example, you could be a PR professional who happens to write badass resumes or a lawyer by day who also happens to be a dope photographer – wherever you feel like you may be an asset, let us know!

THEN, we will match you up and let you take the conversation from there.

Questions? Looking for ways to get involved? Email us at

FINE PRINT: Please, always remember to be respectful of one another in terms of language, time and expectations. We are all trying to make this world a better a place for ourselves and the generations after us. First step to that is respect. After all, had respect been at the forefront centuries ago, maybe we would be living in a different world.